A Woman's Guide to Dressing Fashionable in the Winters

A Woman's Guide to Dressing Fashionable in the Winters

A common struggle for all women during the winter season would be staying warm and looking cool. That may sound very weird, but it's really one of the reasons why females hate winters. It's so difficult to wear something that makes you look good and makes you feel warm at the same time. 

So, to help you out we will give you some assistance with what outfits you can rock during the coldest time of the year.

Use Thermals

Need to wear a cool thin outfit but can’t since you'll be too cold? Well, why don’t you just wear thermals underneath? These thermals are pretty much there to keep you warm while your outer outfit makes you look perfect.

Amra Fashion Outfit

Use Multi Colored Layers

If you’re forced to wear layers, why not play around with colors? Layering sometimes seems like a pain to deal with, but if you can work around it with different textures and colors, you may find an outfit that not only keeps you warm but makes you look so good that you don’t want winters to end.

Furry Winters

This is sort of a no-brainer when it comes to winter outfits. If you want an overall that looks good on you, faux fur or shearling can be an amazing option during the winters. They’re an amazing substitute for your typical leather jackets and hoodies and work great with good outfits.

Winter Outfit  Women

Unorthodox Coats

A lot of people resort to boring old plain coats that may look good on paper, but they’re just like every other coat people around you would wear. If you want to stand out and do something extra, go for bright colors and bolder prints. The rest of your outfit doesn’t do much and gives off a very static look since it’s the coat that makes the statement.

All White

Going all white during the winters is highly underrated. Women shy away from white for some reason, while it can actually be an amazing color to go for. White jackets and coats have an elegant look that pretty much no other color does. You can add hints of darker colors to other parts of an outfit. Black boots would compliment your outfit like none other. Or maybe add a brown hat to top it all off. White works surprisingly well when you pair it up with darker shades in your outfit.

Amra Fashion Winter Outfit

Drape and Belt

This is sort of the weirdest idea on our list, but it works. If you need a drape to stay warm, why not use that drape as a compliment to your outfit? Add a belt to the middle and get wrapped in a nice little blanket that’s not only warm, but also looks amazing.


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