Introducing our company name and logo

Introducing our company name and logo

Hello everyone! Welcome to our online store, My name is Robert A Co-founder of Amra fashion along with my wife Alba M. our initials complete the AMRA name. Our company acronym is AMRA which stands for Agile, Modern, Responsible, and Amiable person.

Amra Fashion Summer 2020 Collection       

We invite you to our virtual online store. Come on in! Shop with confidence! You can do your online shopping at any time of the day or night. Whether you’re wearing your pajamas with the fuzzy animal slippers (preferably, bunny slippers) or at your workplace during your lunch-break. Feel confident, ladies in your purchase and smile knowing that the clothes that you buy online will look good on you!  

Now, I know what you are wondering. That Amra fashion logo looks nice and what does it mean? Ladies, (and gentlemen too) if you visit our website and look at the logo you will see that the image resembles petals of a flower. The petals signify femininity and elegance. The logo has the illusion of wind and a woman that is always on the go. I can talk on and on about the logo, but ladies and gentlemen I want to hear from you. Send us your comments as to how you interpret our logo. We want to hear from you! Your input is valuable to us. Let’s get this conversation going. Every week we will post new content on our blog. Check it out! We hope to hear from you soon :-)

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