Safety is our number one priority during this pandemic

Welcome back, valued customer! My wife and I want to address a pressing health concern: COVID-19. This virus has tested the resilience of everyone, but we at Amra Fashion are taking the necessary and strict measures to protect you and ourselves from this frightening virus. You are our most valued customer. We care about you, your family, and we wish that everyone is safe from this frightening virus.

We at Amra Fashion are going above and beyond to ensure that we adhere to our strict standards of safety by wear masks, disposable gloves, frequently washing our hands, using hand sanitizer, and cleaning high touch surfaces at our worksite. 

Valued and esteemed customer rest assure that the packaging you receive from us is handled with care and with safety in mind, but one important advice to all. Please clean your package with a slightly damp rag or cloth and please wash your hands before and after handling any mailing package or parcel. The reason for this advice you might ask is simply because during the shipping and distribution of our products they are frequently handled by many people delivering the products before arriving at your home. Esteemed Amra costumer please see our website,, shop with confidence, shop at your own leisure, and please check our video on our YouTube channel ( Amra Fashion and our Amra Fashion Facebook page.

Till then see you then next week! :-)


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