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Beautiful Wayuu Hand Wallet 100% Made by Hand

Beautiful Wayuu Hand Wallet 100% Made by Hand

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The Wayuu bags are  fine products hand knitted by the women in the  Guajira Peninsula  located in Northern Colombia 

The Wayuu women learn about knitting by observing their grandmothers and mothers at an early age. The Wayuu are an indigenous tribe from Northern Colombia their main economical resource in sustaining their families are their artisanal products.  The Wayuu women take great care on each product they make, no matter if it is a bag, sandals, a blouse, or a dress each product always is made with love. Wayuu women are  expert knitters that they even knit while they walk around or while doing any other duties during the day.  The Wayuu tribe design intricate patterns that represent animals, stars, plants, flowers, and their inner tribal group symbols. Their colors also have different meanings: red is for blood and blue is for wisdom. Yellow represents happiness, beige is for the land, pinks and oranges are for the flowers, and greens are for the trees.

My own experience in the Guajira:

Years ago when I visited the Wayuu community, I was able to experiment the genuine warmth of the people. I was able to see their work and how they knit each product. The thing that impressed me the most was the beautiful colors in each product and also those products can be combined with any daily outfit.

So dear customer when you buy an artisan product from you buy more than  products, you buy love and dedication taken by the Wayuu tribe knowing that purchasing these products you are getting unique designs that you will show to your friends and family with pride and know that you will help the Wayuu community to sustain themselves and their people.

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